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RAH "Green-Card"


RAH "Green-Card" :



With the new RAH „Green Card“ you can store RAH programs you tested before with Rayocomp PS...more
Product information "RAH "Green-Card""

With the new RAH „Green Card“ you can store RAH programs you tested before with Rayocomp PS 1000 polar or Rayocomp PS 10. RAH programs are often harmonized with different times. Therefore not only the RAH programs but also the different harmonization times of these programs can be stored on an RAH „Green Card“. Of course, RAH “Green-Card” can be deleted and rewritten as well as it could be provide a write protection. 

An RAH „Green Card“ is an ideal link of the bioresonance after Paul Schmidt and the RAH. Because RAH programs frequently also use individual frequencies of the bioresonance after Paul Schmidt (e.g., from an individual range value test), the Rayonex engineers found a way of saving both individual frequencies (up to 500 different values) and RAH programs on the RAH „Green Card“. In addition, a special function has been integrated under the main menu item of the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar and the main menu of the Rayocomp PS 10. If an RAH „Green Card“ is inserted, an automatic harmonization run is started. At first, the individual frequencies stored on the „Green Card“ are harmonized with 30 seconds each and then the RAH programs stored on the same card each with the individual harmonization time. In this way, patients can use an RAH „Green-Card“ compiled by a therapist very comfortably at home.

"RAH "Green-Card""
"RAH "Green-Card""



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