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ELO-Rayex 1rst Generation

ELO-Rayex 1rst Generation



As organs in the human body are controlled by more than one frequency, the esmog spectrum also...more
Product information "ELO-Rayex 1rst Generation"

As organs in the human body are controlled by more than one frequency, the esmog spectrum also has several frequencies. The analysis of an electric or magnetic field, carried out with the bio-resonance method according to Paul Schmidt, results in six fundamental frequency values: 22.5, 40.0, 77.5, 78.5, 89.5 and 99.5.

Comparable with the TV-Rayex, which is especially tuned to the fundamental frequency value 99.50, the Elo-Rayex contains exactly those six values mentioned above and prevents deficiencies on the corresponding interferences. The best place to position the Elo-Rayex is very close to the body, i.e. on your desk while working, the storage tray in the car or, very effective, on your bedside table, so you can use the long sleeping period for harmonising the fundamental frequency values mentioned before. The application of an Elo-Rayex really makes sense in a sleeping area where it is impossible to reduce electric and magnetic fields to a tolerable degree.

Using suitable analytical methods, for example the EAV (electric acupuncture according to Dr. Voll), kinesiology, physical-medicinal radiesthesia or the blood test according to Dr. Aschoff, you can prove that an organism stressed by electro-magnetic pollution can gain relief with the aid of the Elo-Rayex. 

Note: The broader frequency spectrum of the Elo-Rayex makes it more versatile and powerful than the TV-Rayex.


"ELO-Rayex 1rst Generation"
"ELO-Rayex 1rst Generation"

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